The latest iPhone 6S rumors

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More rumored details emerge for the iPhone 6S, including a thicker screen for Force Touch and NFC. Plus, Apple wants to build mobile-to-mobile payments and how many iPhones does it take to stop a bullet?

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  1. I'm the biggest Samsung fan, typing this on my Note 4 but, I'm honestly considering switching to iPhone. Before the trolls say anything I must admit, the iPhone is way more fluid than any android device. And that's what got me hooked. I just can't understand how my Note 4 has 3 GB of Ram, A Snapdragon 805 Quad-core Processor and it still can't out perform an iPhone 6. That alone makes me wanna switch. I will miss Sammy's beat displays on the market and camera as well but I'm getting an iPhone 6s now or next year's iPhone 7. Which should I get guys?

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