The Droid Turbo 2’s shatterproof screen makes all the difference

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This powerful Verizon-exclusive phone can really take a drop.

Watch our Torture test of the Droid Turbo 2:

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22 Comments on The Droid Turbo 2’s shatterproof screen makes all the difference

  1. I have never dropped my Droid Turbo 2 and I have all kinds of scratches on the display. It is not scratch proof unless you put a screen protector on the plastic display. Buyers beware it is not scratch proof I am trying to get my phone replaced because Verizon did not tell us the screen was plastic and would get all kinds of scratches without a screen protector. So much for an indestructible phone…I am just waiting to see what will happen either lawsuit, replacing the screens etc this phone is not what they say it is pure and simple…

  2. Why is no one mentioning the deal Verizon has right now? I just traded in my L3 G3 with headphone jack issues for $300 credit toward the the Droid turbo 2. That makes this phone a very respectable $324 device. I travel a lot for work and I need a good battery (for digital boarding passes, google maps) and I'm so freakin' tired of having my phone in an ugly ass case. I loved the look of the G3 but I never saw it!! The only thing people saw was the made in china crappy case I had it in. It's not better looking than some of the other flagships, but it looks better that any case I would but an iPhone or Note in.

  3. Watched the other vid…then this one…thank you for a more rational approach to reviewing it…I have come to hate those fake sort of break it tests…I understand the tests some run on pocket height, even car door height drops, and appreciate REAL life situations tested. Think this is a great phone and would do fine in usage.

  4. I laugh when premium feel phones are smothered in cases to protect that premium feel. But then I cry when my nexus 6 glass cracked in the corner after I dropped it. That's why I think premium feel devices are stupid. You're either gonna case it up or risk breaking the screen.

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