The BGR Show – RIM’s BlackBerry 10 Phones

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Saving Blackberry: Research in Motion’s Frank Boulben talks about the forthcoming BlackBerry 10 and how RIM plans to take on Apple and Samsung in the smartphone market.

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27 Comments on The BGR Show – RIM’s BlackBerry 10 Phones

  1. I love my Android but I'd really like to see BB actually be competative, Windows 8 is starting to get a lot more refined also. Not a fan boy by any means and I'd switch to BB if they had something compelling. They really need a lot more apps because not only do they not have many BS apps they are missing quite a few big ones that a lot of people really really want. Holy rings at 4:20 lol. LOVED my playbook but it just had no dang apps 🙁 bought a Nexus 7

  2. I think people believe there are only two platforms available, falsely believing BB is already dead and gone. People forget they still have some of the best engineers on the planet..,bye bye iOS hello QNX.

  3. Focused usage. Secure email, secure messaging, long battery life. Its a device that appeals to focused people. Who needs a ton of apps that don't really do anything but waste time. If I'm on a phone its to handle business. Email, calendar, messaging, and phone are the only apps I need.

  4. The only thing I'm concerned about it how its gonna work out if someone has a BB Phone and a PB??

    Are they going to have the option to merge device PINS because then all my contacts will be all over the place and it might cause confusion!!

  5. I was with RIM for four years easily. Both personal & business. Friends would brag about all the apps they had with their smart phones & I would always remind them, "My phone doesn't drop calls during a conference call & at least I can travel with my phone & still call home. Can you do that with your phone?" they only cared about Facebook & "angry birds"… They may have tons of apps & in the end I did give up my "personal" BB But, good luck with your call quality on a smart phone.. I have dr

  6. For HD video, the droid recording and sound quality on playback is crappy. Maybe some of the newer droids are better. I do not see anything wrong with a longer or more square phone – due to a physical keyboard with a larger screen. That would at least allow blackberry to stay up to par with the apps. Its dumb to replicate the iphone, we see what just happened to samsung. Blackberry could the physical keyboard as a selling point by doing a commercial where someone uses 1 hand to do everything.

  7. blackberry is in panic mode. Right now its main goal is to keep its current users. It has to impress its own fanbase first. If it does that it can slowly venture into retrieving former users, and eventually users of other devices. A tough road but deffinetly achievable. Ive been using Iphones for the past 5 years now and love it. They would have to step up and hit a homerun to convert me into using a blackberry.

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