The best podcast apps for iOS and Android

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Podcasts are more popular than ever, but what’s the best way to listen? There are a ton of apps that can do the job, and we tested many of them to uncover the best.


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44 Comments on The best podcast apps for iOS and Android

  1. I have been trying Overcast, and it seems to download new episodes automatically whenever there is a new episode available and you open the app. This gets annoying at times because I have many subscriptions that I don't necessarily want to listen to every episode. Or when adding new subscriptions, it will automatically start downloading the newest one. I would rather have the option to pick which episodes I want rather than automatically downloading everything. Both options as a setting would be nice.

    I believe I could turn off the setting to subscribe to all new episodes to stop the auto-downloads, but then it automatically turns off notifications. These notifications also seem to only be lock screen notifications?

    I have yet to try the paid upgrade because these features aren't listed, but does anyone know if its just not listed as part of the upgrade? With the paid version, can you manually download episodes while still getting notifications of new episodes to your subscriptions?

    If not, does Castro allow manually downloading episodes and app notifications like badges, along with auto-downloading new episodes?


  2. Apple's podcast app is great, I don't understand where the animosity towards it stems from. Every feature you mentioned in these two apps is in the Apple app. You never said what makes the Apple app bad. And how can you recommend an app that doesn't stream? That's a huge downfall. I listen to so many podcasts why would I want to bloat my space with all those downloads. Plus the Apple podcast app integrates Siri which is also a plus. You need to redo your assessment or atleast explain why you're downing the Apple podcast app. I'll go ahead and thumbs down this vid. Where's the real Verge/This Is My Next reviewers? Everyone's friggin jumping ship and the quality is taking a hit. 

  3. What is he saying? UGH! Downcast or what? It sounds like "casture", as though he said pasture with a C instead of a P. If anyone knows, please tell me! Or any other good casting apps…

  4. I remember liking this app, but the dealbreaker was not being able to stream.
    I'm fine with the iOS podcast app. There are a few thinks I wish they'd add/fix, but I prefer it to other variations I've tried.

  5. Thank you. I've been trying to find a really awesome podcast app for a little bit on Android now, and to be honest I really wasn't really trying very much — but I still had the interest in listening to podcasts, will definitely give Pocket Casts a go, personally found Podcast Addict and didn't really dig into it too much yet.

  6. This is what The Verge does best. They FAIL to mention the price of the apps. As always. Idiots. They don't know good reviews on anything if it came and hit them in the face.

  7. BeyondPod – wasn't even mentioned – was so rich on Android that it makes me long to leave my iPhone 6 Plus.  Pocket and Overcast are immature in comparison.  There is a lack of granularity of features in both for which shiny UIs can't compensate.  Podcasts are about listening – often while you're doing something else – not about navigating a UI that gets in the way of listening while you're doing that something else.  There is a reason podcast apps on iOS are so cheap – they aren't worth paying more for.

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