The Best HTC 10 Cases From Spigen

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The Best HTC 10 Cases From Spigen
Buy them here, – Thin Fit – Rugged Armor – Ultra Hybrid – Neo Hybrid Crystal – Neo Hybrid – Crystal Shell – Slim Armor

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47 Comments on The Best HTC 10 Cases From Spigen

  1. I'm rocking the satin silver Neo Hybrid Crystal case on my 10. Best case for showing off the design of the 10 and for me is the best case of them all. We back on top baby! HTC is back in the game and ready to take back the throne. We only messed up 2015 but I remained loyal and rocked a gun metal Neo Hybrid case on my M9 last year too lol

  2. Floss, I'm all about scratch protection not too worried about drop protection, and also I want one that has good raisivity. which one you think is the best for that out of the 3 hybrids??

  3. My favorite is the rugged armor with the carbon fiber stickers. 3 reasons…Reason #1 price $12 less than half the cost of the $30 one but still has great protection. Reason #2 Durabilty. I cant afford buying multiple cases for my phone and this case will not yellow and can withstand day to day use without falling apart. Reason #3 Looks and feel in the hand. The case is not slippery at all unlike the other crystal shell cases and also looks awesome with the carbon fiber texture looks. #Salute #Flosstheboss

  4. Master Floss, I hate to be the one to tell you but you're misusing BeastMode. I'll read you this directly from the manual: "BeastMode is only to be used if an individual is having difficulty opening the packaging of an item(s). Using BeastMode for no apparent reason whatsoever is a direct violation of Section 3.7 Article C of the BeastMode code." Laters.

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