The best email apps for Android and iOS

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Everyone has to deal with email on a daily basis, and we all pretty much hate it. The easiest way to manage your email is still at the desktop, but it’s getting easier to do on your phone. There are a ton of email apps, so we found the best for you.


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43 Comments on The best email apps for Android and iOS

  1. Agreed. Microsoft Outlook is hands down the best email client on either platforms. If Gmail is the best email client on Android, then Outlook for iOS is the best email client altogether. Plus, Gmail only favors Google accounts unlike Outlook's vast selection. A good 2nd for me would be CloudMagic.

  2. Does anyone know which email app will allow me to turn off previews for notifications? I'm currently using Gmail for ios and it doesn't allow me to turn off previews. I want notifications but I don't like that someone can look at my phone and read a preview of an important message. FYI, i'm not a fan of the stock email. It doesn't always notify me of new emails

  3. Outlook is truly great on iOS. Love it! It's really good nowadays on android as well. A lot less buggy as it was a month or so ago. Microsoft have been really good updating their "new" email client. 

  4. CloudMagic is my favorite android email app.
    Free, no advertisements, it lets me have a lot of email accounts and it doesn't write anything like "Sent using CloudMagic" (it can be disabled from settings).
    I have all my accounts there: hotmail, gmail, university…

  5. I love Mailbox, but it is a shame they only support Gmail and iCloud since like 3 years. (!) Since then they're saying they're working on new services. So either they're lying; there's only one person working there; or they suck at their job.

  6. CloudMagic is my favourite email application. It's dead simple and really well designed. You can manage multiple emails from different companies such as Gmail and Hotmail. You can view files and open links with an inbuilt browser, or choose to open links with either Safari or Google Chrome. DropBox is also implemented in the app. 

  7. A Verge video where the main device used was a Samsung Galaxy device and the number one choice comes from Microsoft? Did the end of the world arrived and i didn't know? Or is it just a dream !? Fuck, definitely a dream, this video won't exist tomorrow

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