The Best Android Apps & Games! (July 2015)

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The Best Android Apps & Games! (July 2015)

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Omni Swipe:



Push Bullet:

New Food Project:
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39 Comments on The Best Android Apps & Games! (July 2015)

  1. PUSH BULLET 😀 i might just change from an iPhone to an Android now – Def worth a shot. The seamless continuity between apple devices is what has me tied to an iPhone atm, Messaging from my Mac, Airdrop, etc…

  2. so I participated at the very beginning…..I have been following u on twitter fr a long time….I don't know if I have missed it but did u announce the winner???

  3. Please, 360 security. Don't advertise that crapware/scareware.

    Oh, it was sponsored. Oh well.
    Scareware aside, congratulations for your videos. They're awesome! Liked and subscribed!

  4. I really dont like the promoting of these ram cleaning apps because they dont boast battery if your clearing apps your regularly use but other than that nice video! I've been looking for some more tech youtubers to follow.

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