The best Android alternative to the iPad is skinnier and cheaper

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37 Comments on The best Android alternative to the iPad is skinnier and cheaper

  1. You're lucky if you get one OS update after this iteration, and then you're stuck with an old and buggy Android tablet after a year.

    Plus resale value is almost a joke on these.

    You really get what you pay for.

  2. Unfortunately Android tablets lack apps that are optimized for tablet screens. Apple's iPad line of tablets have so many third-party apps that make significant use of the screen real estate of a tablet. My brother has a Nexus 7 and many of his apps are smartphone apps "blown up" to fit the screen of his tablet. Samsung may have beautiful AMOLED displays but what good is it when using a smartphone app on it with blurry text?

  3. Someone needs to make an updated Nokia N1 with proper Android on it, not some stripped out Chinese version.

    That would surely make insane amounts of money. Millions and millions would buy that thing.

    The side bezels seem a bit big on that thing and there is a physical button..

  4. alternative for iPad? why would anyone think that most of the people look after that ipad but it's too expensive and so they end up buying android tablet? alternative…? wow!

  5. I really hope that Samsung get there act together and keep on giving the people top tablets and keep on making them better and better so that people can move away from Apple tablets and show people that the alternative Android version tablets can be just as good are even better for some people.

  6. Aside from the almost unintelligible #vocalfry, I would have assumed the timely comparison here is an Android device to compare to the forthcoming iPad Pro, or a comparison with the A9X processor and M9 graphics with whatever is the fastest Android device.
    I think for now, Apple has the upper hand on specs … except these products aren't actually shipping yet.
    There's also the annoying lack of expansion, waterproof rating or cordless charging (all of which I think show up in the Google products or from Sony or Samsung, so I just don't "get" why Apple continues to omit these pretty obvious and obviously do-able features.)

  7. The difference in the quality or apps between iOS and android are astounding. I'd still stick to ipad with 16gb. If you like shady apps like emulators, or you don't like paying for apps, android is the way to go.

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