The all-metal HTC One X9

More from Mobile World Congress 2016:
HTC showed up at Mobile World Congress with a surprise: a new phone for its premier One series. The One X9 has a 13-megapixel camera, an octa-core processor and Android Marshmallow.

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37 Comments on The all-metal HTC One X9

  1. seriously what is wrong with everyone? I'm starting to think no matter what HTC does good or bad everyone will still talk down about whatever they release. everyone including myself wanted the m9 to be like the concept that was floating around. and everyone has still been wanting that for the m10. this X9 is basically just that. still has boom sound but sleeker, better camera with ois!!! that is awesome. a bigger 5.5 inch display while still in a nice metal body. the black bar is gone. that's everything everyone has been asking for…. but yet I see all negative comments. this is a mid range phone….. a mid range that is perfect for a step in the right direction. influence HTC on this phone… and they may continue to work off from it and make a even better one for their flagship. wow.

  2. What a shame I got the one m9 and the phones design, craftsmanship, etc are great I am so disappointed they are going to kill themselves for trying to copy the iPhone people hata that

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