Sony Xperia Z5 Premium vs Sony A7s ii – Camera Comparison (Watch in 4K)

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Here is our camera comparison between Sony Xperia Z5 Premium vs Sony A7s ii full frame Mirrorless Standalone camera.

More info on the Sony A7s ii:

More info on the Sony Xperia Z5 Premium:

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48 Comments on Sony Xperia Z5 Premium vs Sony A7s ii – Camera Comparison (Watch in 4K)

  1. Really awesome video, thank you a lot! I heard that the Z5 takes better pics when using 8MP because it does oversampling and because the post processing is better. Is it true? can you make a comparison?

  2. comparing the best camera in the world with a smartphone is unessesary maybe a comparation whith a smartphone and the sony rx100 this will be awsome

  3. easily goes for the A7s II,But I really hate the concept of using xperia smartphone as a camera phone, Xperia is horrible despite having a decent lens,N6p/Moto X style/S6 would've done much better than that

  4. There's simply no basis to compare especially in low light, it's as clear as night and day. The full frame mirrorless camera is already touted as the best low light professional camera in the market today. I think only the a7r mark 11 can rival it. But in broad day light the differences are marginal, but depth of field is just miles ahead on the full frame camera.

  5. Huge difference obviously but it proves for the overwhelming majority of people a smartphone will get the job done plenty good enough for family photos and home movies.

  6. Good test! Though I want to point out that the A7Sii here looks like it has less Dynamic Range than the Xperia. Which is of course totally wrong. I personally own the A7S and it's just amazing to create insane HDR pictures with just 1 shot.

  7. How can a mobile phone have the same quality picture / video of a full frame camera? I guess they will someday fit a full frame senor on the back of a mobile phone?

  8. A7s is a no brain winner, and you dont say anything about how and why z5 is falling behind which make this video pointless. seriously? anyone could post this comparison with proper gear.

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