Sony Xperia Z5 Premium Review

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Sony has upped the display ante by introducing the world’s first 4K smartphone, the Sony Xperia Z5 Premium. Join us as we give Sony’s latest the full review treatment.

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38 Comments on Sony Xperia Z5 Premium Review

  1. is this good to make videos for YouTube cuz I know this is like $500 something and a good camera is $500 something and me I would use a phone all day long so what y'all think people

  2. That was a bad review, you never mentioned half its features, what about audio???? Flac??? Please that was the worst review ever, please next time you review something get some facts, read up on the phone, do some research. Moron

  3. Alright, not that I can do much better, but I really find issues with the camerawork in this review. First of course is the white balance which is always either cold or warm – never correct. Second, the focus drifting when the reviewer is on camera. And third so far is the lack of sharpness and noise on the video itself.

    Its not terrible, but since we're used to some high quality reviews AND we're talking about a PREMIUM phone dedicated to the graphics whores and 4K nerds, that makes it even more offensive.

    Still, I'm not trying to discourage the reviewer, which I hope I can find his name somewhere. Just hope he keeps on improving.


    Fourth, some errors in reading the script.

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