Sony Xperia Z5 Premium – Full Review (After 1 Month+ Usage)

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My 40 days usage of Sony Xperia Z5 Premium, The best phone from Sony in 2015 with 4K display. Sorry for the late upload 🙂

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22 Comments on Sony Xperia Z5 Premium – Full Review (After 1 Month+ Usage)

  1. Could you tell me how the fingerprint sensor is? Ive heard a looot of reviews about the sensor being really bad and terrible. How was your experience with it? Also if you havent rooted this phone yet could you make a video on how to do it? I want to get this phone but the fingerprint sensor has me worried.

  2. I compared this Gold version today side by side with the s7 edge and i can tell you display wise the premium is marginally better. The premium has this silky touch to the screen, viewing pictures especially 4k content is a pure joy. So crisp and the colours are superb. the s7 edge has a fab display also with vibrant colours but it just didn't look as crisp as the premium. I agree with you the Gold version of this phone is superb, it is truly beautiful to hold in hand. The s7 edge is more ergonomic in hand but i just prefer the ooze feeling from the premium. One this is sure if u prefer a smaller slightly more ergonomic phone the S7 edge fits the bill, that is not to say the premium is bulky or anything just that the edge has to be given to the Samsung. Tested both at max brightness and all, couldn't tell which was the brighter unit, basically the same really and the z5p was set to the black theme which isn't as bright in colour like the s7 edge which had the default dark blue theme. The premium has truly been criticized by mainstream media all cause they don't want competition for Samsung nor Apple. It is sad indeed, all i'll say to most people do not take my word or any one's word as final when you want to buy a phone. Check reviews only as a guide, never trust these mainstream outlets unless you want a Samsung or apple phone really. Go to the stores check them out yourselves and make your decision.

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  5. I know this hasn't got anything to do with the phone but on the huawei P8 lite do you recommend white or black is it to do with the performance of the it or is a colour that you liked or what? Please answer because I'm thinking of getting one. Please answer I'm desperate for you to tell me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Sir I am great fan of urs nd I hve been following u from along tme.
    I hve a request i.e i want u review the Lumia 650 when it cums to Pak. I hope u would fulfil my wish

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