Sony Xperia Z5 Compact vs Z3 Compact Review: Worth the Upgrade?

Comparison review of Sony Xperia Z5 Compact vs Sony Xperia Z3 Compact. Covers everything from camera, fingerprint scanner, micro USB storage space, selfie camera, Snapdragon 801 vs 810 processor, display, and more.

23 Comments on Sony Xperia Z5 Compact vs Z3 Compact Review: Worth the Upgrade?

  1. Z5 compact us version has no fingerprint scanner , which makes the button layout a step back, requires two hands to get to volume button now. Adaptive brightness is useless in doors. Don't upgrade.

  2. hello bro i guess my question was i own a z3 but is it worth upgrading spending all that extra money on upgrading to a z5 because i cant tell you how many times iv upgraded to the next phone spent hundreds and felt like im pretty much holding the same phone sure a tweak hear and there but nothing worth spending those hundreds and be dissapointed are they any deal breakers and such pros and cons i would realy like to no before breaking the bank

  3. first sorry for my english i hope you will understand me, so i have a question regarding the z5 compact front camera, is the camera taking selfies like the in z3 i mean that shitty soft skin effect (like a filter – after taking a photo) that you can't turn off ! Its very important to me, maybe you can make some photos with both phones with the front camera in low light conditions and post them, Many thanks in advance

  4. Could you make a comparison or just tell me if there is a difference in the speaker? How is the sound on the z3 compact vs the z5 compact? And is there a difference between the z5 and its compact version.

  5. Hello there! I've been asking for multitasking test on z5 compact but whether you make it or not, it's perfectly fine i don't have doubt on it anymore. Z5 compact is pretty expensive, so Im thinking on getting m5, can you please do multitasking test on it including camera and browser and temperature check? :D

  6. i saw in another sony z5 compact vid…the phone received an update that made it faster. hav u experienced this?
    also can u do a vid showing the fluency of the interface-eg going into and out apps fast….showing the speed.
    thank you
    great informative vid

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