Sony Xperia Z5 Compact First Impressions and Tour!

Before we eventually get to reviewing the new Sony Xperia Z5 Compact, let’s take a quick tour of this little beast.

31 Comments on Sony Xperia Z5 Compact First Impressions and Tour!

  1. I'm interested in coming back to Android from my iPhone 6 and am presently looking at the Moto G, or waiting for the newer model.
    This looks interesting, but I'm not sure about that glass back. The fact that it's "matte," does at least mean that it won't be covered in fingerprints within minutes, but how durable is it?
    And, I'd never use a phone without Screen Protection.
    Also, being left-handed, I'm not sure that I'd want to use my right-hand thumb for opening the phone everytime?

  2. I have been using the phone for about 2 months now. The phone has got serious issue with Blue Tooth devices. Sony does not want to help and keeps blaming other apps while the problem is reproducible with their apps. Think twice before buying this phone.

  3. I got to hold it in my hand today in the store and it's super tiny. Smaller than I thought it would be and I have tiniest female hands you can imagine on a guy. Well not that small maybe below average. That said my dick ain't nothing like that.. It is huge.

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