Sony Xperia Z3 Game Control Mount and PS4 Remote Play

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This holiday season, if you can’t get to the TV to play your PS4, the Xperia line has you covered. Josh gives a mini-review and demonstration on PS4 Remote Play and the Sony Game Control Mount, which lets you mount an Xperia device to the Dualshock 4!

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47 Comments on Sony Xperia Z3 Game Control Mount and PS4 Remote Play

  1. The TV-less game-play is one of the best things about Nintendo, I cannot wait to get my Z3 so I can enjoy a similar experience with my PS4

    This functionality made me choose it over the LG G4

  2. i tried on my core prime… if connect the controlier, ps4 and phone it is losing internet connection , but if you play without controlier , u can play gta 5 , but bit laggy , when you shooting with gun

  3. free tips:
    1 dualshock 4 works with bluetooth or mini usb connection in all android device,
    2 you can play a lot of android games with it like asphalt 8, real racing, deadtrigger, soucraft, dugeonhunter, and many others games with gamepad support,
    dont need root or 3th part apps just connect and enjoy.
    you can use as gamepad to your pc

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