Sony Xperia Z3: Everything You Need to Know

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All the information you need to know about the Sony Xperia Z3. TechRadar reports live from IFA 2014.

50 Comments on Sony Xperia Z3: Everything You Need to Know

  1. i have the s6 64 gbs tmobile,beautiful phone but i just ordered the xperia z3 i like much better plus water proof! the only thing i do't like is the on screen buttons

  2. This phone looks amazing, I think it is water proof too. I remember being shown it can could last inside a fish tank for a while. Not sure if it was the xperia or another touch like phone.

  3. It's a great phone guys, I had to replace my S6 edge because multitasking in this phone was basically nonexistent the apps were constantly refreshing. Z3 is so much faster, smoother, I can have like 15 apps opened in the background, it's more responsive, the input lag is a lot lower, comparable with iphones, I'm just impressed that I made an actual update but I paid literally half the price of S6 Edge (64GB variant)

  4. This phone houses great specs and is really underrated. It has great battery life, a good HD screen, stereo speakers, great camera and waterproofing. What else can you ask for. The S6 literally just came out and ofcourse it will have newer specs but the camera comparison is still better in manual mode on the Z3. Just a shame people don't invest in a decent reliable phone. Following trends is dated now, people need to realise that.

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