Sony Xperia Z3 Compact Disassembly

Witrigs disassemble all Z3 Compact components step by step. This Sony Xperia Z3 Compact teardown video shows you how to tear down the phone successfully and do DIY repair. You can get high quality and original Xperia Z3 Compact replacement parts at .

00:40 Step 2 Unscrew five Phillips screws
00:50 Release NFC flex
00:53 Step 3 Remove back frame
01:08 Pry up the rear camera bracket.
01:12 Undo a screw securing the motherboard.
01:18 Step 4 Remove rear camera
01:24 Release headphone jack connector
01:29 Release screen connector
01:31 Step 5 Remove motherboard
02:11 Step 6 Remove main flex
02:26 Step 7 Remove front camera
02:30 Step 8 Remove signal cable
02:38 Step 9 Remove battery
02:55 Step 10 Remove headphone jack
03:10 Step 11 Remove loudspeaker
03:14 Step 12 Remove display
04:24 Step 13 Remove earpiece

Tips: The phone will be not waterproof after complete teardown.

The must-have items:
Heat gun or hair dryer
Suction cup –

46 Comments on Sony Xperia Z3 Compact Disassembly

  1. To remove the battery, the adhesive is designed to be pulled out using the 2 black tabs on the right hand side. It works the same way as a 3M wall hook adhesive strip.Take the motherboard out, and pull each tab slowly to remove the adhesive strip. I tried to leave the motherboard in the frame, but the adhesive broke when I was pulling it, probably because I was pulling it at an angle.

  2. After replaced the new screen, the screen phone is totally black. The phone turn on, but has no image. I tried put the oldest screen to test and the same thing happened. Anyone can help me?

  3. My GPS stopped working after I dropped the phone. I'd like to fix it if possible but I could not find any information where the GPS module or the GPS antenna is located. Can you help me on this one ?

  4. How do you replace the flex cable stuck on the battery? I need to replace the battery and the replacement battery doesn't come with the square of flex cable you see stuck on the back of the battery?

  5. Wit Rigs: Together with a lot of others, my magnetic charging port fell out (using a Sony Dk48 charger) and Sony refuse to cover it by warranty. Can you please make a guide how to reattach it or replace it, cant find anyone that made one!

  6. How can I replace the mainframe? Mine is a white Z3 Xompact but i dropped it and got the edge broken, and I like the cellphone so much I want to change it… Any idead how could I get a new mainframe of white color?… Thank you, such a great video

  7. Great video! I had to replace the Main flex, you really need to be patient and go real slow, took me almost 2hrs total to get it just perfect, but with a replacement part from Ebay it works now! hurray! thanks for this wonderful help!

  8. Hey, I replaced my display and after putting everything together my battery wont charge and my usb port seems to be dead.

    Need to open it up again. What should i look for?

    Thank you!

  9. hi, my back camera stopped working for no apparent reason. After a close look you can spot some water drops sticked to the cristal. If i dry all from inside, will back camera work again? if not, where can i buy a replacemente camera?

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