Sony Xperia Z2 and Xperia Z1 Display Comparison – Feature Focus [MWC 2014]

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The Sony Xperia Z2 has an updated display that not only has a better sized bezel, but one key issue with display quality on previous Xperia models has also been addressed.

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47 Comments on Sony Xperia Z2 and Xperia Z1 Display Comparison – Feature Focus [MWC 2014]

  1. 1. Z1 is running the 4.2 Jelly bean stock firmware, update it to the latest 4.4.2 KitKat Sony firmware update that came weeks ago and do the fair comparison with the same wallpaper
    2. Better viewing angles? Huh…Are you people stupid enough that you can't hold your phone upright? 

  2. they are both great screens just the z1 doesnt have the great viewing angles but the swich to ips fixes that i think part of the reason they swiched at this moment is that they are preparing for higer resolution screens now that phones are getting the prossers to handle that

  3. i actually hoped sony would put the Back, Home & Recent Apps buttons in the bezel like samsung does to allow a more optimal use of the screen. but ill still get it

  4. How much would it hurt to use the same wallpaper while making a comparison specific to the screen?  I just don't get it… this would seem like a logical initial step.

    Would you compare speakers using completely two different sound samples?

    So ridiculous…

  5. You people are idiots, viewing angles matter. It shows how beautiful and amazing the display is. Who the fuck wants a phone that turns grey when you barely turn it, this ain't 2011. So stop trying to bash the new Z2 because its obviously better than the z1 and the screen is way better. Don't try to bring down a new product because you feel offended that is better than your old one.

  6. they have solved almost every problems except the camera performance and the design ,their software image processing is soo bad that even the greatest G-sensor produces average results compared to its competitors in artificial light and as for as the design is concerned sony phones are big even though the screen size is small.

  7. Its so funny, I have a privacy screen protector on my Note 3 that's 4 angled, so I can't see pretty much any of the screen if I tilt it to any angle.

    The irony. I never look at my phone from any position except head on.

  8. Why is the viewing angle so important?! You are always going to be looking at it square on to your face and if it gives me a little privacy when using the phone then I'd prefer worse viewing angles! Lol otherwise liking the z2 a lot, thinking it might be nice to have a slightly smaller phone from my note 3 :s

  9. Glad I moved from Note 3 to Z1. The Z1 feels so premium and is a beautiful device. The only thing I regret from Samsung is the Amoled display; as I use my phone on my night stand with the docking station, amoled screen turns off pixels that are not used. Z1 screen is way too bright, even with brightness turned low. Waiting on the Z2 to see the difference.

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