Sony Xperia Z1 assembly after disassembly

Assemble Sony Xperia Z1 after disassembly. Witrigs will offer tips to rebuilding the Z1. Get it to learn to build a complete Xperia Z1 safely. Get Teardown and re-building Tools:; get full Xperia Z1 replacement parts at Z1 replacement parts at

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30 Comments on Sony Xperia Z1 assembly after disassembly

  1. Hello, Do you know what is the component on the back cover that connects with the 2 little pins that stick out from the mother board? every back cover that i find to buy to raplace the original doesn't have it.

  2. I had a battery replacement and I dont think it was very professional and now my wifi will not work unless im stood next to my router. I have full signal though. My wifi was perfect before the battery replacement, so do you have any suggestions to what it may be? Thanks

  3. Thank you, I replaced the display and frame using your video as a guide. Phone is working just fine after reassembly. Haven't tested the waterproofness, and don't think I am going to take the chance. Anyway, you helped me a lot. Thanks again.

  4. This is a great video. I recently got my screen replaced and since then I can't connect properly to wifi. Could it be wifi antenna? It was working perfectly before. I even did the steps on line. And ended up doing factory reset. Nothing worked. I think something could be loose or maybe damaged? Any thoughts. Thanks so much 

  5. Hi ^^ so if I understand, if we don't think about waterproof this is not an obligation to put the blue stickers right??? Because I want to change my LCD screen because it cracked and my phone don't run correcly when i push on the screen ^^'

  6. Hi wit rigs,n case of Xperia Z (C6603) frozen screen and hard reset I found plenty of clips,basically they're all the same.
    Among all diy youtubers I choose you to present my case because of the capability and expertise in repairing phones.and your way of presenting it. After a factory reset I connected Z thru a desktop (genuine win7 Enterprise x64) to the Sony server (using Pc companion) for an available Android upgrade proposed by Sony site.
    After downloading,installation  didn't work and on the black screen appeared,after the brand, a warning icon and a text about connecting Z again and retrying the procedure because of previous attempt failure.
    I suppose it happened because Z battery level was poor,but when I try to charge it the black screen reappears in a loop.I tried  hard resetting again,3 vibrations,connecting to pc:nothing seems to work and is logical if the battery is drained.Any solution/suggestion to transform this shiny black brick in an amazing technology wonder beauty called Z?Thanks in advance for your time

  7. Iv recently brought a Brand New LCD Display + Touch Screen Digitizer iv watched your video and done everything step by step but my screen isnt turning on and power comes on every now and again any advice? would be brilliant if you could help has its racked my brains for days

  8. Hi Wit Rigs
    I reassembled my Z1 accordingly from inserting the battery but now the phone isn't charging or turning on. I know I have fully charged it 100% the night before but now there is no functionality. Please assist. 

  9. Where can i buy only original adhesive sticker for back cover?… if I want to open only the back cover for clean the lens, do I need adhesive sticker for the phone stay in waterproof? Help

  10. The Xperia Z have been randomly restarting, it's very annoying, but I think replacing the battery might do the trick, because I did the same for my Xperia T and SP and it all fine now.  However, after removing the back cover, would the adhesive tape be effective in water-proofing the phone again? what sort of adhesive liquid did you apply in the phone, regular glue or something like LOCA?

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