Sony Xperia Z Water Proof Test

Full Review of the Sony Xperia Z. Watch now!

Watch as I soak this new Sony Xperia Z with all kinds of water torture! Will it survive my tests? Is it as waterproof as Sony claims it to be? Watch to find out. Subscribe today and follow me on Twitter @ superscientific

29 Comments on Sony Xperia Z Water Proof Test

  1. i have xperiaz1  its waterproof and very very strong feel down so many times steel working battery is amazing , my sister she was so exited to get one she got the xperiaz3 fist fall skreen broken retourned after 2 weeks of using.

  2. 2 weeks ago, I dropped my Xperia Z into the toilet without it having the cover for the charging port. System shuts down immediately. But was able to power it back up a few minutes later. Still works like usual, moisture in the camera lenses dissipated within 2 days. I'm impressed but then again it's a Sony!

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