Sony Xperia Z Ultra – What makes it different?

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Tom from Sony Mobile takes us through some of the key features of the Sony Xperia Z ultra, one of the largest smartphones to be released from Sony.

Large it may be with it’s 6.44″ display, yet it has many innovative features that make the Z Ultra suitable for certain users.

IP ratings ensure the device remains water resistant for up to 1.5 meters deep for 30 minutes whilst the ability to write on screen with a pen or pencil makes this very versatile for note taking.

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20 Comments on Sony Xperia Z Ultra – What makes it different?

  1. It's definitely the best device on the market, forget these Samsung and apple followers, the Sony Z Ultra outclasses all their devices in every department especially display, looks and performance. For me I can never go back to a smaller screen, my next phone will be in late 2016 and I shall probably have the Z4 or Z5 Ultra or the 8" Tablet Compact. Cheers to Sony for the most beautiful device on earth!

  2. I had pre booked it at the time of it's launch in 2013, @ roughly 830 Dollars,(Indian Rs.50,000/). A week back, I ordered another one, as the Original was giving some display troubles, as I had accidently dropped it for 5/6 times, once on a staircase, when the fone reached the Ground floor before me, and believe me, it is still running strong. Just because, I can't live without a SONY XPERIA Z ULTRA, I have in my hands, a brand new Z ULTRA at @ 300 Dollars from ebay.

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