Sony Xperia Z Ultra Water Test

In this video I will be testing out the Water Proof Sony Xperia Z Ultra. I will put it in the sink and we will figure out if it lives up to its name. Hope you enjoy the video and make sure to subscribe for more coverage of the Sony Xperia Z Ultra. Thanks for Watching!!!

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33 Comments on Sony Xperia Z Ultra Water Test

  1. its not buggy at all, the moisture on the screen from the remaining droplets cause the screen's digitiser to think that touch input is being initiated. Just clean the screen, and then just lock and unlock the phone. This happens to all phones with moisture on the LCD.

  2. Best phone with 4.4.2 upgrade a 8 megapixel camera and have the latest updates and also waterproof loved it very much but there is just one problem it doesn't have a flash light or else it good very good 

  3. its says water resistant , which does not mean water proof …i guess that's something to remember . the other day i went did this test the water went inn . i took it to the sony center and the briefed me how the fooled people .having said all this i am not saying its not water resistant , what i am saying is its not waterproof .

  4. It's not buggy… it's reacting to the water as touch. You gotta dry the screen after as I've noticed that the leftover water is treated like a touch point of contact as well. I took a shower with it and each drop touched a button and the camera was responding to it.

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