Sony Xperia Z Ultra – Still Worth Buying?

Before the Nexus 6, there was Togari…

Z Ultra’s are dirt cheap on Amazon: US- UK-

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  1. Z Ultra or P8 Max or HTC One Max or LG G Pro 2 or Le Max or Samsung Tab S 8.4" or Z3 Tablet Compact or Nexus 7 (2013) or iPad Mini please!? Maybe u can rank these and put these in Orders No. 1 to 9 please! Thanks a lot .. Regards, J

  2. …Also moblue it's actually easy to use it as a normal phone with one hand. Don't listen to some of the Apple fanboy lemmings reviews/reviewers from a couple of years ago. I have normal sized hands and i can still easily hold it to the size of my head.

    Cheers :)

  3. Hi moblue. This is still the biggest phone in the world and still one of the slimmest. A lot of people still think it's a tablet first time they see it :), It is beautifully built with an excellent quality 6.4" screen. There's two versions – make sure you buy the LTE/4G capable one. My one is the white Sony C6833… It has played every complicated game i have tried on it with ease. It's very fast/ zippy and does everything fast and well. It is supported all the way to Android Lollipop 5.1.1… To get it to 6.0 Marshmallow it will require being rooted first – although 5.1.1 is more than enough for most people. In my opinion still the best "phablet" – just for it's sheer size and screen quality. Hope this helps you

  4. Bought this phone 2 months ago. At first i had some doubts that the phone's performance will be that good since it's an old model. Damn, i was so wrong. This thing is a complete beast, never slows down. i always play some games and have enough battery to get me through the day, until 22-23h at least. Also Sony released 5.1.1 , and looks like there will be more updates or fixes in the future!
    Yeah it's pretty big but I got used to it and now i rarely even use my laptop anymore. I have great music output,office, file managers, USB on the go, a big screen to read text or watch movies.
    The only downside i can think of is that the phone's battery takes too much time to charge, about 2 and a half hours.
    But really, this phone is probably the best deal out there right now, it's cheap (i got mine for $220) and offers great performance, despite being a 2,5 years old : )

  5. Hi, would you still recommend the Xperia Z Ultra if I were to buy this with a week or two?
    From what I've researched, this is still king in its territory being the biggest phone and the smallest tablet that's waterproof at the same time

  6. Thinking about getting this. I have an HTC One M7 currently, and it's nice, but it has a hairline crack in it and I think I bricked the service 😛 ("Sprint ID has stopped working" every boot) I just want something bigger, and a little faster. I actually like enormous phones. How are the speakers compared to the One? Also, does it have an official OTA Lollipop update? Does it look like it will be getting M? Thanks!

  7. Just picked one up. Have not touched my Nexus 6 in the last few days. Cons…camera is only ok. The lack of flash is strange. That's about it.

    Granted my N6 smokes it in screen res and camera and is "feels" slightly faster in the hand. For being almost a 2 year old phone I'm pretty damn impressed. 

  8. Hi, been having a tough time choosing between T2 Ultra and this. I wonder if I could get your opinion on that since this will be my first Sony. (Coming from Lumia user) Also, I'm not very keen on Android phones so…

  9. when i want buy a handphone…i always find the one water-proof (resistance)…so sony have it all…even the device with 8 gig ram or 128 gig internal memory, i still want the water proof device

  10. I bought this phone a week ago or so and im really enjoying it! The big screen is so nice for browsing, watching yt vids and playing games. When you have it a little time you will get used to the size. It is a cheap flagship! Fast proc, big screen and a fairly large battery. I Also like the premium design of glass. If you consider to buy it, DO IT!! 

  11. i planning to buy a phone with good sound quality & camera..actually  i lv sony mobiles..but most of them says it gets heated up after limited budget is Rs.20,000 – 25,000. which model of sony sounds good…or nexus 5 is good..

  12. 1. Don't reduce the size. Plenty of smaller phones to choose from. Duh!
    2. 4K on a phone is still overkill and will slow down any gpu. No reason is justifiable on small devices to have more than HD for now.
    3. Make it slightly thicker in order to fit a fatter battery.+30-50% capacity at least.

    Keep it as a men's tool and don't turn it into just another phone!

  13. I'd like to install the 4.4.4 update on my z ultra. But before doing that I wanna ask you a few questions. Are you using the 4.4.4 108 version? If so how is it performing? Is the device faster or slower? Any bugs? Ghost touches… Lags…camera app crashing? Any issues like that? 

  14. Hello man, nice review! I have a few questions. 1) Is this the official Sony 4.4.4 for the Z Ultra or is it a custom ROM? 2) Is this going to be upgraded to Lollipop officialy by Sony? 3) How many hours did it last with moderate – heavy use? Thank you for your time!

  15. Hi! I have a galaxy s4 quad core variant, compared to the z ultra which do you think would be better? I watch a lot of youtube and anime on my phone and alot of websurfing and a HELLUVA LOT of multitasking between apps. My gs4 seems sluggish for some reason, and my iphone 4s' gps sometimes even supasses it. A thought would be great!

  16. This is quite informative… I was planning to have it by this weekend… Actually, I am a Sony lover as I used Xperia Neo L and Xperia SP. I visited the nearby mobile store, but honestly saying, even after looking to big big brands like Sa****g and *TC, Sony Xperia attracted me back… Anyways, even after ~1.5 years, Togari (Z Ultra) sustains among big giants.
    Thanks for your fresh review. it has build a fresh confidence in me buying this phone… Ooopsss… I mean Phablet… ;-)

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