Sony Xperia Z Ultra Review

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“Wait, that’s a phone?”

That is one of the many bewildered questions we’ve received from passersby, friends, family, and everyone else since we received Sony’s latest … device last week. And that’s the very question that has unintentionally answered another we’ve been trying to answer for going on three years now. At what point is a smartphone no longer a phone but a miniature tablet?

Smartphones have been continually growing for the last three years, from a common 3.5-inch display to 6-inches and beyond. The race has transferred from who can cram more pixels in a panel and who can fix the largest camera sensor to the back of a phone to who can burst the seams of the average pant pocket.

After Samsung’s Galaxy Note was a mild success, it was somewhat clear that “big” was in. And since, every smartphone iteration has grown in size. Five-inches, which used to be considered nonsensical, is quite average these days. And phones like the Galaxy Mega 6.3 leave us scratching our…

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  1. the selling point for me is that is small tablet size but can have data deals of a smartphone – that means in the uk i can have unlimited 4G data for 15 pounds a month. I dont know about the US, but you cant get anything close to that for mobile broadband dongles here

  2. My thoughts on how he made his hardware point of the display by comparing the Z Ultra 6.4inch to an HTC one 4.7 inch screen. A fair comparison would have been only in the 5.8 inch and above category. 

  3. They need to do after the buzz on this phone. Just found our cool hidden features and even though the battery is only 3050mAh the Snapdragon battery Guru app help and analysis the way you use your phone and makes the decision base on that or when you're not using it

  4. The model here that is reviewing is C6833 with LTE support. There are two other models without LTE support and the models are C6806 and C6802. Please be sure what model that you're going to purchase

  5. I give this review an 6.5 due to the lack of taking your time with the device. Yes, I'd have the Ultra and I love the device and works well but better than my Note 3.
    This phone is great for those that are looking for something easy buy different 

  6. Could the larger bezels top and bottom be there to make holding the phone in landscape orientation easier? But the bezels are quite large, and with a screen as large as it is, I don't think the phablet can afford to be any bigger. I think Samsung had it right with the galaxy mega and its smaller bezels…

  7. I have few issues with it which I have explained in one of my videos. I would send you the link in the message. I haven't made the video about the good points yet so let me tell you good points: It is fast, fastest mobiles that I have used to date, bigger screen, looks sleek and beautiful, High touch sensitive screen, Water & dust proof, Cleaner looking UI etc.

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