Sony Xperia Z Ultra disassembly & LCD change

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Step by step instructions to disassembly and LCD replacement of Sony Xperia Z Ultra sartphone.

22 Comments on Sony Xperia Z Ultra disassembly & LCD change

  1. hai,
    what is deffernce between touch screen replacement,and lcd phone screen was broked but display was clear and touch was not response,my ques was i want change my touch screen or lcd disply plz tell me .

  2. hey dude.. if I just open the backpanel and replace the battery then re attach the back panel will my waterproof would gone or still intact? thanks :)

  3. Hi, i have a problem in charging sony xperia z ultra. can not be charged … I've tried to replace some type of adapter such as have samsung or blackberry. but can not. I've tried to be charged when turned off. not charged, but instead reduce its battery …. when sony is fully charged, the performance is not showing signs if there is a problem with its battery. cuman problem when it charge. what should i do?

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