Sony Xperia Z Connectivity Demo

A video showing what accessories/peripherals you can connect to the Sony Xperia Z either directly or though accessories such as USB host cables and more.

Items demonstrated include:
USB memory stick/pen drive
USB hub
USB keyboard & mouse
Wireless keyboard & mouse
250GB USB 2.0 hard drive
1TB USB 3.0 hard drive
Bluetooth keyboard & mouse
Bluetooth games controller
Sony Playstation controller

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44 Comments on Sony Xperia Z Connectivity Demo

  1. My phone suddenly stopped accepted to allcomputers with the cable but if i connected it to the charger it charge and i tried otg and connect usb drive but didn't also accepted is their any solution?

  2. Hi,
    Is it possible to connect SONY Z to Monitor with "MHL-to-VGA Adapter" and add a mouse then use it like mini computer ?or We only can connect one of them at a time such as; only "MHL-to-VGA Adapter" or only "mouse".

  3. Samir, We are not sure what you are trying to connect your mouse too? Presumably it is a Bluetooth wireless mouse. You need the passkey for it to work. Maybe search online for the correct passkey. Often they are 0000 or 1234.

  4. hi…i cant connect my wireless mouse (dell wireless mouse)it says couldn't pair incorrect pin or passkey…how can i connect my mouse without the pin or passkey????

  5. Unless the keyboard is Bluetooth it will unlikely connect. You will probably need a USB host cable to go into the microUSB port. Then connect the received to that (presuming it is USB) and you should then be able to use it.

  6. Hi clove, iv just bought a advent wireless keyboard and mouse, it comes with a tiny reciever. Im woundering do I have to use that or will it connect direct to my phone without the reciever??

  7. thank you! and it's ok to use bluetooth and wifi at the same time? i heard, that are problems on some phones with that, because wifi and bluetooth are in one module.

  8. You can not connect a wired keyboard at the same time as using HDMI. You will need to connect the keyboard via Bluetooth. The only way you can connect a wired keyboard whilst connected to a HD display is if you can wireless screen mirror the tablet z's screen to the display.

  9. Thank you for such cool review! So, how I understood, if i want to use xperia z with hdmi and keyboard/mouse at the same time, I need only bluetooth keyboard, or can I use mhl-cable to connect hdmi amd usb at the same time?

  10. You can connect more than just Bluetooth mouse and keyboard. The phone has Bluetooth 4.0. You should be able to connect a wireless keyboard with USB host cable accepting the USB dongle. Yes we mean the phones microUSB power cable.

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