Sony Xperia X – Water Test! Is it Waterproof? (4K)

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Sony Xperia X Water test. Is it Waterproof? A waterproof review. Will it survive?
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44 Comments on Sony Xperia X – Water Test! Is it Waterproof? (4K)

  1. normally every smartphone with a non removable back and good enough construction should survive a little dip underwater. if no it means that the back cover doesn't fit well and that there are gaps and lack of attention during manufacturing.

  2. s7 shoud be better than this because
    it have ip68 mean underwater 1.5m survive 30 minute
     and humidity detect
    Xperia X do not under 1.5m and can not survive more than 2 minute

  3. its a decent phone if you dont want the extra samsung s7 gimmicks or the shovelware. nice clean fast version of android and great screen with the anti smudge coating as well

  4. Ridiculous how they waited until the Xperia X to improve the shutter lag of the camera – on the Z5 it always skips a frame from the moment the image should be captured and it's even worse for video…

  5. Sony xperia X has been baptized… Lol. Great job testing this phone XEETECHCARE!! Even though Sony states not being waterproof you have demonstrated how well the phone holds after some water. Keep us informed if it decides to malfunction after some time

  6. wow! and I was waiting for the performance strictly for the water resistant.
    if that's the case I don't mind getting the X

    the x performance is coming to UK in July. So they say.

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