Sony Xperia X phone is boxy, but nice

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The Android 6.0 handset is palmable and easy-to-use, but if you live in the US, there’s one big catch.

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37 Comments on Sony Xperia X phone is boxy, but nice

  1. Sony's moto .. "we are losing market share in every corner of the world …. lets launch a good budget phone and disable fingerprint reader. That should make our ship sink faster"

  2. I actually said "whaaaat???" when I heard the disabling fingerprint scanner for US buyers comment. wow, that's insane. I have to imagine that it's only temporary, maybe some kind of carrier issue or something ?

  3. I wonder why they disable the finger print scanner, again!
    Is it some of a problem with a patent in US only? Because as far as I know the scanner is working on every other country in the world.

  4. Everyday every month every year a new phone. Guess what theres enough for everyone it is just Phenomenal amounts of human greed that corrupts this world. Innovation my butt. I will be impressed when nuclear weapons are disarmed in totality and worldwide hungry us no more . I know ur done ur job but everything u do is based on fear of losing out .

  5. Jessica, you have such a great style! The production quality of this video was gorgeous for a phone that is disappointing in every way. I've never finished a product review for a crappy product until now because it was so pleasant to watch. Well done!

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