Sony Xperia X Performance vs Galaxy S7 edge Speed Test

Sony Xperia X Performance vs Samsung Galaxy S7 edge speed test, camera speed test, benchmarks, gaming, fingerprint scanner, and more covered.

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  1. Hello! Your review is really good, so i want to translate it into Russian and show it on my channel. Of course, I'll mention all info about you. It's ok or you against such a things?

  2. The xperia x perfomance is faster loading apps and starting the camera, the s7 edge is faster to start or boot up and process pictures taken with the camera. Really these thing are insignificant and i doubt any one buys phones cause of some milliseconds difference in speed.

  3. Bro how can you say it's hard to call as they were both close. the Sony clearly won. for you to say that and not call a overall winner must be because you were hoping the S7 would win.
    yes it was close but don't mean you cant call it.
    for the most part the s7 was like a split second behind. I bet if the Sony was a split second behind you wouldn't have a problem calling the winner even tho it was close.
    you even done some of them twice and Sony still won.
    damn fam!

  4. The X has less RAM and CPU speed and it gave the S7 a tough time….
    Xperia definitely takes it. Picture the X with the same hardware as the S7, it will dominate

    Sony has really done a good job, with more focus on optimizing their software then focusing on having the latest hardware

  5. +Xperia Fan i am planning to buy a z3 plus because i don't have a budget for you think it is a good choice? as i don't record 4K videos just need it for normal use like youtube and other social networking apps and does the camera app crash in the normal photo mode..m not interested in videos though just wanted to know about the camera in the photo mode…also after the marshmallow update and the latest firmware update has the over heating problem solved?

  6. id give the win to the performance because its got less ram and it still give the s7 a run for a its money no wonder sony calls it performance they really optimized it I wish the boot up was a tad faster but maybe sony likes their animation the camera hands down is faster on the s7 but the screen on the performance is wow It reminds me of my z2 screen soo beautiful to look at I mean look at Temple run and watch the colors compared to the edge they are great phone but I think its that dumb touch wiz that slows down their phones after some time I have a friend that has an s6 and damm that thing is slow now at first it was a beast then it slowed down sooo much and its the same snapdragon 820 the s7 has more ram why is it lower on edge btw you shouldn't have closed all the apps u should of just closed asphalt alone and afted do a ram test to see if all runs in the background other than that keep up the good job man I now see why sony have their xperformance that pricey its really optimized well and you're paying for Sony quality ??

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