Sony Xperia X Performance Hands-On Review

The NEW Xperia XP (Performance) is Sony’s 2016 flagship smartphone featuring a 5-inch 1080p display, the latest Snapdragon 820 chip, 3GB RAM, 23MP camera and full IP65 & IP68 dust and water resistance. The XP runs Android 6.0 Marshmallow and is due for release in the Summer, although pricing is still TBC.

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16 Comments on Sony Xperia X Performance Hands-On Review

  1. Bug off! I'd switch brands to someone else that offers 1080P if this was QHD. Power hungry screen with no visible benefit? no thanks! Sony sticks with the 1080P, and kudos for that!

  2. I am a Sony xperia z3v user and I freaking love it. best phone I've owned. I actually bought everything sony like vaio and ps4 because of the integration of the ecosystem!!!

  3. Generally speaking, I really like the simple but elegant designs of Sony's Xperia phones. However, the thing that bothers me most about the X and XP is the lazy placement of the front firing speakers – I much prefer the "hidden" look used on the Z5 range.

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