Sony Xperia X Knife Scratch Test! (4K)

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Sony Xperia X Knife Scratch Test!
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34 Comments on Sony Xperia X Knife Scratch Test! (4K)

  1. like what are the odds of us normal people using a knife or anything like keys that would be this aggressive on our very expensive mobile device? i just find these videos annoying. water tests and drop tests and hammer tests, i can understand. boiling water, freezing in coke and those other random shit… does'n make any bloody sense.

  2. do the game test I wanna see the graphics it can support max setting graphics like game gta or any games have nice and awesome graphics…also wanna see if the xperia x overheat when a long period play games…thanks

  3. the paint scratch maybe is only on the gold colored unit…if you happen to get a black one can u try the scratch test on the side again?..cuz thanks to you I really want to upgrade to XPERIA x

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