Sony Xperia X Hands-On Review

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The Sony Xperia X features a Snapdragon 650, 3GB RAM, 23MP camera and runs Android 6 Marshmallow. Announced at MWC 2016, it sits between the newly announced Xperia XP and XA models, sharing many of the specs and features of the higher-end Performance model while using a more mid-range SD650 processor.

Sony Xperia X is due for release in the Summer but pricing is still TBA.

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9 Comments on Sony Xperia X Hands-On Review

  1. Nice work. Just wondering if you had to record way more footage than you think you'll need, or did you not record enough and had to cut out some dialogue? The joys of editing away from home (like I've ever edited before).

  2. It's crazy, from the front the new Xa looks better than this and the Xperformance with its edge to edge display yet is the lower spec phone of the 3 (entry model)

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