Sony Xperia Tablet Z Review

The Xperia Tablet Z isn’t the first Android tablet to come out of Sony’s labs – but it’s one of the first to make us sit up and take notice. With a 6.9mm-thin, 495g frame, it’s as portable as a 7-inch tablet … but with a 10.1-inch “Reality HD” display, it’s officially a player in the big leagues. Add water- and dust-resistance to the package, and you’ve got a formula for a pretty intense slate – but is it enough to overcome the stigma of the Android tablet app problem?

Watch our full review to find out, and tune in to Pocketnow on the week of June 3rd for our full written review, followed by some comparisons and Tablet Z-centric episodes of the Pocketnow Weekly and the Pocketnow U-Review!

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33 Comments on Sony Xperia Tablet Z Review

  1. A thin and light 10 inches tablet???  Look at all those ugly bezel.  That's like a 20in tablet, but only 10in of usable space.  Stupid piece of shit. 

  2. I hope they have sorted out the crap wireless broadband on it by now. When my wife's ipad is happily playing a movie, my Xperia is buffering trying to load a Web page!

  3. nice review i subscribed to you 🙂
    if someone wants, can check unboxing and tests of new Tesla tablet that came out 5 days ago and which reminds a bit of this sony tablet

  4. I know Sony has been in the phone/tablet market for a while, and they do a really good job at it, but I don't think I will every take their phones or tablets seriously because their skin on Stock android looks like a cheap mp3 player that you can buy at Walmart.

  5. You should do a review of the xperia tablet z again with android 4.3, it came out recently, its just insanely fast, it's faster than my friends nexus 10 its insane. :D

  6. So can you use a stylus like a regular pencil with any tablet (press hard to get darker color/softer for vice versa) and can I get the latest Android OS on this? Don't have a tablet yet, but am looking for one for my g/f and I to have around the house (she cooks and is an artist while I'm a gamer, musician and internet browser).

  7. Nice review. Im thinking about getting an new tv from sony and if you buy an certian tv you'll get this table with it… Its price was all that avoided me from getting one. But seening 4k res not getting of the ground real soon i might consider this one deal…

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