Sony Xperia M4 Aqua VS Xperia Z1 Lollipop – Speed Test!

Speed test Comparison Review between Xperia M4 Aqua & 2013’s Z1

M4 Aqua took a price cut recently on Amazon: US – UK –

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  1. I heard that aqua's back is plastic. Does it really feel cheap? Does it scratch super easily? Maybe one should put a glass protector on the back? What's your experience for those who have it? Another question is, does the UI stutter? Especially Play store, which is REALLY stuttery on my Z Ultra. Also, is the display vibrant, and not washed out like old nexus devices' IPS display? I'm wondering because this is a pretty cheap device.

  2. Hello I am a user of Sony Z1, has all the bugs removed frm Lollipop update?? has the the camera got better in Z1 after lollipop update?? I am very keen on updating frm 4.4 update. Eagerly waiting fr a reply

  3. I just don't know whether I should update my phone. I already have a pretty much worn out Z1 but I kinda want the M4 because it has some new stuffs(!). The fact that I've been tweaking my Z1 made upgrading a tough choice xD

  4. Hello!
    Anybody can help me?{:( 
    I need new phone for about 270€
    Main features that should have: good camera (optional video 4k), liquidity and (it would be nice) with waterproof:) 
    Sorry for my bad english ^^
    Pls help guys :D

  5. I need help
    What snolud I buy?
    Xperia Z1 1 year old for about 230€ (used phone)
    Or Xperia M4 aqua for about 280€ (new phone)
    Please reply as quick as possible!

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