Sony Xperia M2 review

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Cam reviews the budget-friendly sibling to the all-singing all-dancing Xperia Z2. Sony’s Xperia M2 has a lower resolution display, no waterproofing or dustproofing, but it still has great build quality, decent camera and fine performance.

Is the display sharp enough in this day and age, is the big question for me.

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39 Comments on Sony Xperia M2 review

  1. I am trying to decide between two phones: the xperia m2 and the lg 4x hd .
    Can you give me your opinion ? I'm getting them already used but both in great shape .
    the price for the m2 is 60$ and the lg4x 80$.I don't do a lot of gaming but I'm tired of having a sh!tty phone.( samsung s2 advance, have had it for 5 years) and I want to have a nice big screen and finally be able to do some multitasking so no lags or hiccups. Also U.I is very important for me as i'm used to andrid type.
    (total user freedom to modify)which one should I go for?
    I know both phones are way better than mine but I just want to pick the best between the two. 😉
    If anyone else has any advice , I would really appreciate your input.
    pls don't just say that one phone or the other is garbage pls give me a reason for your pick . Thanks !

  2. You're taking the piss, if it had a 1080p screen all you would say is. "It's not a terrible display". You're supposed to be fucking reviewing this phone not talking about what aspects you hate the least.

  3. The phone i currently have has been playing up a little in regards to touch screen- I keep tapping or sliding and it is selecting what it wants, do you have a suggestion to prevent this or i am thinking of buying his phone, does this issue occurring on this phone??

  4. I bought M2 after two years of using Lumia 520. Camera on M2 sucks, blurry, out-of-focus and a lot of digital noise…i'm going back to Microsoft/Nokia WP…i just don't like android…

  5. I'm sorry, but I'd take a good build over a sharper screen anyday. If the battery is good, if the phone runs smoothly and the build is at least decent, I'm sold. I'm not buying a professional camera, or a gaming PC, I'm buying something that primarily is used as a phone, then as a networking device, then everything else. And in that aspect, I chose to buy the M2, it's comming tommorow and I don't think I'll regret buying it.
    I currently have a Galaxy S3, had it for 2 years now, and the reason I'm switching to a new phone is that I can't connect it to my PC anymore (some sort of micro USB problem I believe) and that it lags like crazy, the speaker sometimes doesn't work when I make a call, and sometimes it will just crash out of simple apps like the messages. The amount of money it cost me would get me 2 M2's, each working for a year, and I'd still have some money saved. And that's with the starting price of M2.
    But that's just my opinion, I rarelly went for flagship models and this time I went for one, I can say I'm pretty disappointed in the end result.

    In comparison, I bought a HTC Desire C 4 months before I got the S3, so the HTC is 4 months older. I gave it to my girlfriend after I got the S3 and it's still working perfectly.

  6. Back is not glass, its plastic. Beware: if you own one, never ever let isopropyl alcohol touch the lens. It's made with soft plastic, not glass, and is sensitive to chemicals.

  7. Hi im using the M2 it is a good phone a mistake i made is that i bought it in white but in black it seems really elegant so it is a really nice pic the camera is awsum front is vga but in daylight outside the camera is acceptional! I rate it! 4.5 Stars

  8. Had to decide whether to get the m2 or the desire 610 since both have almost similar specs and price. I got the desire 610 and regretted my decision. The desire 610 lacks NFC and has quite a ugly design due to large design compared to m2. 

  9. Don't know does that only seem to me but wake time( the moment between i click the power button and when the screen turns on) on my xperia m2 is soo slow. Like 1 second or even 1 and a half. On my brothers xperia z is half a second. You can really tell a difference. So, should i do something or it is normal??? Thanks.

  10. I'm thinking of buying this phone,I love the Sony xperia range, I have the Sony Xperia L about 16 months now, it's starting to slow down a bit and the flash on camera is not working. I don't buy the high range phones, mid to low will do just fine. This phone looks like it came from the Z family with the design, I like the look of it, better processor to the Xperia L, bigger screen and much better battery.

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