Sony XPERIA M2 Aqua Review – Best Budget Smartphone 2015

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“Sony XPERIA M2 Aqua Review” – Best Budget Smartphone 2015 – The Sony XPERIA M2 Aqua is possibly one of the best smartphones under 200 and is a downgraded version of the “Sony Xperia Z3”. However, it is different to the “Sony XPERIA M2″ as the Aqua variant is waterproof.

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8 Comments on Sony XPERIA M2 Aqua Review – Best Budget Smartphone 2015

  1. You underestimate Mediatek octacores too much and btw they run from 34k to 40k+ on antutu. Even Mediatek quad cores can be faster than this snapdragon 400 my cp has a quad core Mediatek 6582 and runs 21k+ on antutu and has better cameras than this but not waterproof though. Waterproof is the M2's best feature.

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