Sony Xperia C5 Ultra vs Z Ultra – Full Comparison & Speed Test HD

back with another video and this time we’ll do Sony Xperia C5 Ultra vs Z Ultra – Full Comparison & Speed Test HD

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25 Comments on Sony Xperia C5 Ultra vs Z Ultra – Full Comparison & Speed Test HD

  1. C5 Ultra have aluminium on the sides! I have both mobile phones and i think C5 Ultra is better 🙂 (much better camera, speaker, battery and its dual sim). But whats best is you can use that phone in one hand and it has still big screen :)

  2. you had both phonearena and GSM cached in the C5. that's why the phone performed better than the z ultra. you typed the pages into the z ultra but didn't have to type for the c5. this test is flawed. also, you don't open the apps at the same time. so biased this guy. this video and all the rest of his videos. damn. too bad.

  3. MediaTek isn't laggy or anything less than Qualcomm at least not that much as you are saying, don't compare a quad core to an Octa core with different clocks, the Octa core will win on multiTasking while the quad core wins on everyday usage, that simple that's why the MediaTek gets higher benchmark scores

  4. I have the Z ultra. but after 4 months the screen went out. very disappointed to say the least. but, I loved having the biggest phone out there. screen is fabulous….when it worked. people are stunned by the size. still planning on having it fixed. the camera is pretty bad and without a flash it gets worse. I'd say, get the C5 if you like taking selfies and pictures in general. don't get hung up on speed. overrated.

  5. Thanks! I've had the Z Ultra for more than a year and I'm really missing a camera flash for indoor shots. C5 Ultra is now available in the U.S. at a great low price of $329 USD. But thanks to your review, I'm not willing to give up the Z just yet for the C5 if it lags so (I learned about the difference in performance between the Qualcomm and the Mediatek chip. Thank you!). I look forward to your review of the Huawei Mate 8. Oh and I can fit the Z Ultra easily in the back pocket of my slim fit jeans.

  6. I use to have an Z Ultra, I'm wanting the C5 Ultra, because of the screen size. However I noticed the icons looks obnoxiously large. It's like the 5.2 stretched to 6 inches, rather than adding real estate space.

  7. Not fair, you already have opened those web sites so they stay in browsers cache memory and that is the reason why new phone opens up pages much faster. Not fair man, not fair. Btw nice review

  8. Just want to leave a tip, if you want to compare phones, install the same apps on both of the phone, why? because it will affect the performance of the phone, Z Ultra is much faster on boot because it doesn't have many apps like C5 Ultra does, so less processing.

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