Sony Xperia C5 Ultra Dual: Selfie Smartphone Review

has a brilliant front camera, display, and sound quality, but looking at other things, this phone is a disaster. If your sole purpose is to click selfie and watch videos, buy this phone, else at this price point, rest of the people can stay away from this bulky piece of glossy plastic. Read the Full Review here:

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30 Comments on Sony Xperia C5 Ultra Dual: Selfie Smartphone Review

  1. the worst phone ever made I have a phone I have a print pics already I didn't even have it for 3 months yet and I have problems the camera doesn't even work anymore it lags so much for no reason when I'm on a call it opened up a lot of apps and it can't be stopped so I went back to the regular size Google Nexus 6p so fuck that Sony c5 Ultra I don't know why it's on the market

  2. I have z ultra, I like it more, c5 no good screen and resolution , also no waterproof.

    6.4 inc biggger better for movies 🙂
    better screen and resolution
    its fast.


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