Sony Xperia C3 Review – Let Me Take A Selfie!

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27 Comments on Sony Xperia C3 Review – Let Me Take A Selfie!

  1. i bought it thinking it would be good, after about 6 months got slow laggy, both cameras are absolute shit and very grainy, very bad storage android takes up about 1/3, music stops mid playing, apps like facebook and snapchat are a nightmare and load forever. do not buy this phone if you want to use it for like 1 or 2 years, will get very slow i dont recommend it at all.

  2. appreciate the effort but using the phone myself i find it to b awesome… the picture quality and sound quality r actually very good, bt if u r expecting a sound as deafening as a club then u will b disappointed. other than the picture and sound quality, the features are superb and really smooth to operate. u just have to get it accustomed to ur personal preferences. so try using the phone as much as possible to enjoy the benefits as much as possible

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