Snow Fortress: VR snowball fights in HTC Vive virtual reality

Gameplay from Snow Fortress, a VR game for the HTC Vive. Build snow forts and throw snowballs at your enemies!

Snow Fortress is an early access single player snowball fighting game. You start out with a stash of various sized snow and ice blocks. Use the HTC Vive motion controllers to move the blocks around and form a snow fort. After 1 minute, the snowball fight begins. Throw snowballs and your opponent’s snow fort to crack his walls and eventually crumble them. Once you knock down the snow fort walls, you can nail the snowman hiding behind them and knock him out. Be careful, because the snowman will be throwing snowballs at you and trying to knock down your fort.

This game has various levels where you fight anything from a single simple snow fort, to multiple snow forts, or sprawling snow castles. Throw snowballs with your hands or use the slingshot to launch them at high velocity, use the spray bottle to repair your fort. This game uses active VR dodging, throwing, and…

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  1. Awesome, you did pretty well. The blocks in the floating green spawner are random so if you don't like one you can just throw it away and see what block is next. You can use the water bottle to fix up your blocks (especially the ice ones which are stronger) and you can also check the pro tips on the back of the instructions on the table. You should put up this video on the steam page as a review and get some more views that way :)

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