Siri will now help you search YouTube videos on Apple TV

Siri will now help you search YouTube videos on Apple TV

Your Apple TV will become smarter with a new feature. Siri will now help you find videos from YouTube. Apple’s new feature Siri for Apple TV was highlighted in front of an audience at Apple’s biggest update ceremony of the year on June 13 at WWDC, it’s accessible right now for all fourth-gen Apple TVs.

Applying Siri to find YouTube videos on Apple TV is very easy, for example, you wish to watch X factor’s 2016 semifinal contest on your Apple TV through YouTube, so, using Siri remote if you simply say to Siri “show me X factor’s 2016 semifinal contest on YouTube,” then Apple TV will enter your search summons into the YouTube application.

Furthermore, you can scan for particular recordings, individuals, or channels. You can likewise look for more broad terms, similar to “cute videos of pets.” Siri’s transcription search additionally works inside the YouTube application.

One more thing is that if you want to search for an individual’s or an artist’s video then Siri will initially bring up their official channel tracked by mixed videos.


An important thing to mention is that a Siri search in YouTube on Apple TV is separate in relation to doing a more broad Siri search that goes into content over the 650,000 TV shows and movies that Siri can right now search crosswise over more than 20 unique channels.

However, joining YouTube searches with more broad searches would make the user experience excessively chaotic.


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