See Apple’s Live Photos in action on the iPhone 6S Plus

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Hit play on our video to see how Live Photos work on Apple’s brand new iPhone 6S Plus.

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31 Comments on See Apple’s Live Photos in action on the iPhone 6S Plus

  1. I have to admit I'm jealous, but I'm sure we'll get it soon, I'm gonna look on the play store to see if there's an app already. It would work almost perfect on my note 4

  2. um a feature ive been able to have on my windows phone for the past 3 YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but when apple does it everyone thinks it innovative. puh-leassssssss…… keep up will ya.

  3. its not video its a photo with with only the delta frame changes – so less space taken up (essentially the size of two photos) – video file totally different – get your facts correct!!!

  4. Isn't this like animated photos. Like what Samsung had in their galaxy S4? It's a pretty neat feature, but it still has the same issue people complained about then. it takes up too much space especially if your base model phone is only 16gb.

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