Scariest HTC Vive VR Experience – Brookhaven Experiment

My name is Jerry and I was a Senior Software Developer at Microsoft for 15 years working on the Windows Operating System.
I was invited by TribalInstincts to review a game he had been playing on the HTC Vive Steam Powered virtual reality platform called Brookheaven Experiment. It’s a zombie shooter that is so realistic you actually experience fear & anxiety while playing it! [Expand section for more links & information…]

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21 Comments on Scariest HTC Vive VR Experience – Brookhaven Experiment

  1. **I have an idea…**
    What if there was a ceiling mounted rail, like say a curtain rail, or just a hook with a wheel inside it. Could you not run the headset cable inside that and move around in that space and the cable remain above you? I plan to get the Vive, very soon, so I'm looking in to this! (should I make and patent this… #fortuneassured)

  2. Next time you do VR, especially if its another horror/scare factor game, wear a heart rate monitor. I think it would be awesome to watch your heart rate throughout the gameplay.

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