Samsung’s rugged Galaxy S7 Active shines with long battery life

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CNET’s Dan Graziano gives you a look at Samsung’s new rugged smartphone.

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41 Comments on Samsung’s rugged Galaxy S7 Active shines with long battery life

  1. I have a 4G Ulefone Power 5.5 octa core with ALL the bells and whistles that has a 6000mah battery (last 2 days) …. and cost me $180 … come on people… wake up !

  2. This is the phone that should been made original. All that stupid metal and crap, I want a phone that works if you drop it, who cares how it looks. I still want a phone that has all these features and a batter I can replace. So this phone still doesn't make if for me. Samsung fails again, and again and again.

  3. Cool! but since it's thicker, why is there still a camera bump? Will it be compatible with the lens attachments? where are those lens attachments that Samsung promised?

    $200 more for an exclusive phone is a waste, compared to the s7 that can be bought for as little as $600. I rather buy a strong case for the S7 and have two looks for the price of 1, given both the Active and non are water resistant. Why not just make the Active Water Proof now? (EDIT: JUST REALIZED IT'S IP68, and CNET said it's Water Resistant) makes no sense, since the active is just a strong case with a larger battery and not much more.

    I don't think anyone would switch to AT&T just for this. if that's their intention, where's the profit in that?

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