Samsung’s Batman-inspired Galaxy S7 is silly and awesome

Samsung has released a special edition of the Galaxy S7 Edge that features a Batman logo, special color scheme, custom software theme, a matching Gear VR headset, and a custom Batman case. It’s meant to commemorate the third anniversary of the Injustice: God’s Among Us mobile game, but will only be sold in a handful of markets and not in North America.


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43 Comments on Samsung’s Batman-inspired Galaxy S7 is silly and awesome

  1. my name is Samsung and I need to stay relevant again in pop culture because our superhero contract with marvel ended with age of ultron, so we need a mobile game or anything to sell phone in this genre! any takers?

  2. damn samsung, Y NO US luv tho!!! smh this sexy S7 gonna be in hands of names i know for damn sure insert tech ppl are gonna get these right!? i hate these times man… :(

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