Samsung targets to sell 60 million units of Galaxy S8 smartphone, report says

Samsung targets to sell 60 million units of Galaxy S8 smartphone, report says

Samsung Galaxy S8 is still a few months away from being released but surprisingly the company is already targeting to sell around 60 million units of Galaxy S8’s around the world market. Can you believe it? However, it doesn’t matter what we believe or not but the truth is the South Korean tech giant Samsung requested its partners to supply raw material of the Galaxy S8 targeting around 60 million shipment goal, according to a close industry source.

60 million units of galaxy s8

The Korean Herald

Well, South Korea’s largest English newspapers called “The Korea Herald” published a report that an investor on the condition of remaining anonymous told that “The tech giant has requested its partners to supply (parts) based on the tech giant’s 60 million shipment goal.” He also said Samsung has affirmed that the release plan has been put off to mid-April, a month later than the standard March release.

60 million units

I think setting a 60 million units’ target is a giant number compared with its previous two generations as the Galaxy S6 and S7 which sold apparently 45 and 48 million of units around the world in 2015 and 2016. However, if we look back to the selling record Samsung’s S series smartphone then the record shows that the highest number of mobiles Samsung sold was in 2013 with its Galaxy S4 though its previous version Galaxy S3 sold 65 million units in 2012.

60 million units of galaxy s8

According to the industry source, we can guess that this year Samsung has a huge ambition around its upcoming flagship Galaxy S8 as the sours said that “As the release date of the S8 has been postponed to mid-April, Samsung seems to have set a more ambitious goal than before to make up for the loss caused by the Note model, which has so far led Samsung’s smartphone business every first quarter.”

60 million units of galaxy s8

There is no doubt that Samsung Galaxy S8 has something magical to blow the consumer’s mind, therefore, the South Korean company is confident to take the challenge with a huge number, though last year they had a nightmare with its Galaxy Note 7 series.

However, we are looking forward to the event where Samsung Galaxy S8 is supposed to be launched in April.


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