Samsung S7 Edge vs iPhone 6s Plus – Battery Life Comparison

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Here is our Battery life comparison between the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge vs iPhone 6s Plus.

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44 Comments on Samsung S7 Edge vs iPhone 6s Plus – Battery Life Comparison

  1. I want to know what the comparison in real life battery life is between the iPhone 6s Plus vs the Galaxy S7 (NOT edge). I know the Edge is the actual rival of the 6s Plus but I don't like the way my hands accidentally touch stuff on the screen on the Edge. so I'm trying to decide between iPhone 6s Plus and Galaxy S7. battery life is the most important feature to me.


  3. So everyone who want to use the phone all the day belive me buy the s7 edge is so fucking perfect it has amazing display,camera,speed but the most unique thing its the battery is brilliant can last all the day and i had 30 percent even tomorow without any problem and charge so stupid fast it has impresed me..

  4. I don't trust any of these bullshit comparisons. Last time some video told me S6 battery beats 6s Plus and I got S6 it only gives fucking 3 hours screen on time. Now I traded in my S6 for 6s Plus I am getting 7 hours screen on time. Fuck you video reviewers who get paid by samsung, and fuck you android. iPhone for life.

  5. No surprise, these two companies are (in my opinion) completely opposites, Apple dont give you so much for the money, when Samsung not only gives you wat you need but some times more than that

  6. somebody who knows what they're doing about battery life. There's other things that people don't realize because Samsung Android make the most Superior Hardware and software inside these phones Android operating system is a true computer operating system unlike Apple that's a phone operating system!!

    there are some really cool features you can do that you can't do with an iPhone and it's always been that way

    nobody has talked about that you can shut off a lot of the Hardware and software that uses battery power

    to the Galaxy S7 Edge won with It On full power!!

    did you know you could shut off the edge parts of the screen the capacitance that's always on that drains battery. Right and settings it's so easy that uses about 1 to 5% of your battery.

    then you have the always on display that uses 1 to 2% per hour!! you can shut that off too!!

    how about go to battery in settings and you could tweak what apps you want the phone to snooze when it's not being used that makes a big huge difference

    let's talk about brightness as you can see the Galaxy S7 Edge at 50% is much brighter than the iPhone 6s Plus. so you could turn down your screen on the Galaxy S7 Edge to 25% to be the same as the iPhone 6s Plus at 50!! that makes a huge difference especially the screen you can save up to 25% more battery lowering the screen brightness.. you see out of the box a lot of people were testing the Galaxy S7 edge with the auto brightness feature which most the time keeps the screen pretty bright when light hits it you must pull down the notification screen in turn the brightness down manually huge huge huge

    so what are we up to now adding tons of percentage more what I said above Maybe 25% more over a full day absolutely trounces the Apple iPhone 6s plus with the things I've described that nobody shows!!

    and I might add Apple doesn't put any of these things in their phone see you don't have to turn them on or off because they try to take your money as much as possible in charge the same price for a underpowered overpriced phone as a superior product hardware and software true computer in your hand Galaxy S7 Edge!!

    the wait a second guys all of that power and tweaking we just did what about POWER SAVING MODE!!!! you could get even more battery savings!! just by toggling this off and on through the day with every day multitasking!!!!

    but wait I'm not done if that's not enough how about ULTRA POWER-SAVING MODE!! that is another great feature on an Android Galaxy phone. If you have 20% left on your battery go into ultra power-saving mode everything goes grey he'll turn that 20% into 24 hours of battery life !! an unwanted apps in resources get shut off in the background BUT you could still text, go on Facebook, web browse, make phone calls you can do a lot of things still!! !!

    there really is no comparison between the two I have done extensive tests at my shop at which I Fix Apple, Android, Galaxy, Microsoft, phones and computers been doing this stuff for 30 years..

    my tests are similar to this guys but I get much much better results using the methods above


    Galaxy S7 Edge truly the best phone on the planet 🙂

    apple is always a few steps behind the Galaxy series starting with the Galaxy S3!!!

    all you have to do is look at just build quality to see how far apple is always a step behind. they have the same size screen BOTH 5.5 " But the Galaxy S7 Edge has a 76% screen to body ratio. which means the phone is very small in your hand for that big screen. Compared to the Apple the Apple iPhone 6s plus feels huge in your hand.. really Apple you couldn't make a smaller phone LOL that's huge bezel LOL. there's no comparison at all how do I software the way it feels in your hand the Galaxy S7 Edge the best phone on the planet!

  7. Why would people keep asking for replaceable battery when we already have very affordable alternative that is power bank? Also power bank have an major advantage is that it can also power all your different devices and peripherals while battery replacement would only work with your one phone.

  8. Something must be wrong with the way I use smartphones because I did not get anything near these times using the S7 edge. I was barely making it to 5pm. Tried toggling the settings to different combinations for about a week even stripping it to bare bones, removing or disabling apps that are battery killers like FB, screen brightness on auto brightness or at 50% and still was managing only 10 hrs. Eventually had too return it and go back to my iPhone 6 which provides much better battery management. Hated to do it because I really wanted this phone but I cannot use a phone where I have to disable the very features I bought it for in order to make it through a work day.

  9. I wish you would have included the time of these batteries in standby mode. My experience is that an iPhone uses next to no battery in standby, but my Galaxy S6 for instance, uses about 5% pr hour, even when doing nothing.

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