Samsung Official LED Wallet Cover for Galaxy S7 Edge

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Quick tour of build-2:22
How the Black S7Edge looks in case-3:44
Exterior features I like- 4:44
Alarm LED feature-6:37
Incoming Call feature-7:37
Unlock and LED Caller ID-8:15
Charging Icon-9:35
Music Controls (FAIL)-10:05
Conclusions on LED Wallet-12:00
Comparison to S7 Edge Clear View-12:47
Black case with silver S7 Edge-14:05
Final Thoughts-14:15

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23 Comments on Samsung Official LED Wallet Cover for Galaxy S7 Edge

  1. i have this case but now it is broken. i accidentally splashed water on my phone and the led light is no longer working after that. lame. s7 is waterproof so it survived obviously.

  2. the issue for me is when I type messages I use my left and right hand. and don't flip the phone to it's side. my left hand has been cut twice from texting because the sharp edge of the the cover. is there an easier way to type with your left hand on it??
    every time I get a text message and will text back and forth for 10 minutes. I have to take the phone out of the case.

    I think the case sucks

  3. For people like myself who actually make their own music. The cover is not useless. I can use their player just fine playing the files I email to the phone from the studio.

  4. I had the older version of this case for the S6 Edge. And it can scratch your screen if you get metal particulates attracted to the magnet in the cover that operates the auto on when you open it. I worked in a nasty machine shop working on machines, rigging, lots of work where I smashed it against my leg while it was in my front uniform pant pocket for 7 days a week 8-12 hours a day and that case held up great! Zero scratches in a 405 days of use. I just picked this case up now with the new S7 Edge. For all the complaints you give on this case for 30-40 bucks more than the older smaller no feature but auto on when opened I think it's worth it. As far as the snooze for the alarm.. I just simply let the alarm play out… it turns off after a minute….then it will come on again 10-15 minutes later as a snooze in auto until you kill the alarm.

  5. I bought a s7 edge at t mobile this past sunday.and I got this product as well as a screen cover and the fast wireless charger all for free i just paid the taxes Which was 15 bucks I thought it was awesome deal because if I would of bought separately I would of spend almost 200 bucks so I recommend going to t-mobile for the best deals I recommend it.

  6. One thing to mention about this case is the clear plastic the holds the phone in place is going to crack and break easily. I have the sview cover for my gs6 and it barely holds the phone anymore.

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