Samsung Official Clear S-View Flip Cover for Galaxy S7 Edge

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49 Comments on Samsung Official Clear S-View Flip Cover for Galaxy S7 Edge

  1. I got the phone and the case yesterday it's still the same price and it does look good if you have the silver titanium and I also bought the fast charging where you just sit the phone on top and it automatically charges cost 10 dollars more than the case it was 69.99 for the self charging and 59.99 for the case then of course the phone and the unlimited plan all from T-Mobile.

  2. My s7 edge is FULL of scratches.
    I Did not know anything about these problems before i bought the phone and case and Samsung should at least warn people to put on screen protectors.
    Im in contact with samsung now and I want a screen replacement.

  3. Overpriced not very functional cover. The HTC10 ice view case is way better and offers more functionality. You can do a lot and even take a picture while it is still closed and the aesthetics is very pleasing and it just cost $49.99. Pre-ordered the HTC10 and the ice view case and can't wait for May to hurry up so I can get the beast. Sorry Samsung I stopped using your phones cos I can't stand lags after couple of months of usage.

  4. I don't like these cases. I think they're pretty femme. Also you should always place a screen protector on your phone regardless as if it has a cover or not.

  5. This is the main issue with Samsung as a company, it is only working with it own stuff, which is telling me it is not truly an international company. This market is a competitive market, and us consumes are the ones driving this market, if we don't buy stuff, then Samsung will have to change or die. I know I am not buying this phone, because I can't change out the battery. I am now looking at the upcoming LG5. Thanks for the video!

  6. If it's anything like the G3's QuickCircle case, then there'll be knockoffs for less than $20.

    I do think I liked the QuickCircle case more, though… More functionality.

  7. As you mention, the particles get under the cover and scratch the screen. It's just the design. Of course a sand particle will scratch the screen if it gets under this cover. Unless people have dust-free sterile pockets and purses, this design guarantees screen scratches.

  8. Will this case fit if you have a screen protector on? Right now I have a zagg screen protector and will soon be upgrading to a glass one. The case looks awesome but no way would I pay that much.

  9. I had this CVC on my s7e for two days and I got same kind of scratches as with I also had s6e. This time the scratches were on the right edge instead of middle of the screen. POS accessory once again. My phone and the case are now being investigated by Samsung…

  10. The glass on modern phones i so hard it's only the hardest of materials that can cause scratches, that include sand, diamonds(!) and the like. Not a plastic cover in itself. Sand caught between the glass and the cover would be bad, but that would be the case with any case (no pun intended).

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