Samsung Galaxy S7 vs iPhone 6S Durability Drop Test!

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We all drop our smartphones. But which one is more durable?


49 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S7 vs iPhone 6S Durability Drop Test!

  1. I just barely tapped my s7 on a wall by accident and there's now I black spot on my phone a month ago I dropped it about 2 feet and theres a line across my phone (not a crack) dead pixels the s7 sucks

  2. the front drop test didn't break the screen , it's probably the panel underneath the screen itself which was damaged or it could be that the panel got disconnected .

  3. 2 things don't make sense…
    1. who doesn't get a good case when purchasing a 700+ phone???
    2. he didnt try to reset the s7 phone at all. hold the home button and lock screen button on the side for a few seconds and it resets the phone.

    my s5 I had did the same thing and when I reset it, was working fine…..

    p.s. PHUCK APPLE!

  4. My s7 cracked last week with the case on when I dropped it it had a glass screen protector. The protector was fine but my screen was 25% shattered luckily the lcd was okay and it was still functional. I got the screen replaced $250 since the phone is still new and expensive. but yeah I case that covers the front now

  5. My wife dropped her S7 maybe 2 feet onto sand at the beach and ended up with a huge crack on her screen.I dont know if temperature has any effect on durability but it seemed pretty damn weak.

  6. Most phones break and crack when hit at just the right angle. This is why you always get a good case. Always made sure my phone was protected and never had a problem.

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